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The Hairy Truth

Pulling her hair out100% Human Hair:  The Majority of Human Hair sold today is non-remy hair.  This type of hair is collected from hair brushes and hair that has fallen on the floor or from anywhere.  Therefore, it is much cheaper than Remy Hair.

Because of this method of collection, the cuticle for each strand tends to be in all different directions.  In order to compensate for this, the hair will go through a process referred to as an “acid bath” to kill all germs which completely removes the entire cuticle, so when the process is complete, hair processors will use silicon to force the hair to lay flat and look silky.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Virgin Hair?

Virgin Hair is 100% natural—never bleached, dyed, permed or chemically processed—virgin hair means it’s just like your hair. 

What is Raw Hair?

Raw Hair is defined exactly as it appears: Raw.  Raw Hair is unprocessed and chemical free.

What is Remy Hair?

Remy Hair is hair that is collected directly from a single donor.  All the cuticles are intact, running in the same direction. Also known as Virgin Hair, most hair sold on the market today is not Remy or Virgin Hair. (see above for more info)  Remy Hair is the highest quality hair available.

How do I wash Remy Hair?

  • Shampoo hair once a week
  • Use a quality shampoo and conditioner
  • Do not massage shampoo into hair. Use your fingers between the wefts in a horizontal motion to clean your scalp.
  • Do not towel rub or twist the hair to dry.
  • Let hair air-dry to avoid heat damage blow drying.
  • Do not use oily or greasy products.
  • Wear a satin/silk cap or scarf  or sleep on a satin/silk pillow case. 

How long does Remy hair last?

Premium Virgin Hair Extensions should last for over a year. 

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